Thursday, December 02, 2010

Storyteller - The Luna Expedition of 1559

Located at Pensacola's scenic port this bronze statue of it's founder, DeLuna rightfully faces the land with his back to the bay.

It seems that even though the original Spanish settlement failed, Pensacola was well established before Jamestown or St. Augustine.

What-do-ya-know? The Luna Expedition landed on Pensacola on my birthday (August 14) in the year 1559

The beautiful setting for this historic marker and all it's engraved stones makes visitors feel a part of the history. The nearby marina and working docks on the port of Pensacola provides a background of sounds and reflected light.

Storyteller is an ongoing series that brings you the story behind historical markers. Whenever I come across an interesting roadside or monument marker I take a few photos and post the Storyteller in my blog.


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