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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Monday, January 18, 2010

you don't turn 90 everyday


So when you do turn 90, there's reason to celebrate! My Great Uncle Tate had himself a blow out:) Who was there to raise the roof with him? About 50 lively guests... and a cake that would make anyone proud. They laughed. They ate. They took photos. They gave Tate the spotlight, and he was diggin' every minute of it.


Give props to my Aunt Pat and Uncle Ricky who traveled from Louisiana to help the hostess and throw down with the peeps! And give it up for my parents, too--- who opened their crib for the par-tay.


You know what was really cool? The greeting cards that came in from all across the country. When the good people online learned about Tate the Great , they were eager to join in the event. Reading those heartfelt cards was the highlight of the day!


Special thank you to the folks from Wish Upon a Hero website, who made the card campaign a great success.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

to be one with the universe

Friday, January 08, 2010

actual experience

New Caledonia
Nov. 7, 1942

I am still off today because I just got back from the hospital. The fellows left tonight at 6P.M. for the Solomons. I wish them all the luck in the world in getting through. I sure hated to see Bill Johnson and Dobek go. Although in a wk or so we'll be leaving to join them. Heard that we had taken Africa & that the Russians were really slaughtering or driving back the Germans. We played some casino tonight. Dan & I beat Skull & Bob 3 out of 4 games. We fried some eggs & went to bed around 10 P.M.

Sun. Nov. 8, 1942

Today I have another day off, so I rolled my field pack this morning. Bob, Skull, Wynn & myself went for a ride on the pack-Howitzer trail through the mountains. "Skull" rode "Chief". Arrived back in camp at 3 PM. Went to the show tonight in Pieta. The pictures were two late ones. The first was "Roxie Hart" with Ginger Rogers & "The Male Animal" with Henry Fonda, Olivia DeHaveland & Joan Leslie. They were both grand shows. I hear we will be shoving off in a week or so.

Mon. Nov. 9, 1942

Bob is taking Bill's place, so I will go on the 4 to 12 shift this week with "Gig". Danny isn't showing me much because I am supposed to be on the 12 to 8 with Layman. I used "Bob's" bridle on Duke and it worked wonderful. He will really stop now & with the 'spurs' I have, I can really make him go. Paid my dollar for the new mess hall tonight, and we used it for chow this evening. It's made like a native hut with a grass roof.

Heard at chow that we are going to get 60 new men from a maintenance Ord. Co. There was a show tonight close to the French Garrison. The picture was "Kerry's Point"
Tues. Nov. 10, 1942
Rec'd and airmail letter dated on Oct. 7 from Mother and a V-mail letter from Marjorie dated on Oct. 5. Went on guard at 7 PM with Kruse (Gig was off). Had an argument with him on "actual experience".
Wed. Nov. 11, 1942
Today is my anniversary (so to speak) because a year ago I was inducted into the Army at Camp Forrest, Tenn. To me, it has seemed like 10 yrs. in a way, becuase I have missed Marjorie & the folks back home so very very much. It has been a "lucky" year in a way for me, too. I am still healthy and alive after being 9 mo. "overseas". Today is also "Armistise Day" officially, however, it won't be over a yr. until tomorrow. We are one day ahead of the States here. We are packing our things, getting ready to disembark for the Solomons. I sincerely hope & pray that by next Nov. 11 I will be home and possibly married to my darling Marjorie.
This is Harry's War Diary
The first photo shows the fellows riding in a truck; possibly to go see a show.
Harry's comment that Danny "isn't showing me much" is classic! This is just the kind of remark that Harry would make when he's disgusted with a lack of leadership or gumption. It seems Danny was responsible for scheduling their guard shifts and has made a mess of it.
Although Harry mentions the new mess tent, the only photo we found was of the original mess hall.
What kind of argument was stirred up over "actual experience"? Was Harry arguing with Kruse while on guard duty, or was it with Gig?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

a guy whose name was Haslam

New Caledonia Hospital Ward
Nov. 1, 1942

There was a show tonight, but I couldn't go because I was a bed patient. I feel pretty well now. Frank & Wynn came out on the horses to see me.

Mon. Nov. 2, 1942

Capt. Miller said I could get up, so I am now getting my own meals at the mess hall. Tuck, Sydney, Sullivan & I usually go down together. Morris & Tubbs are our ward boys. "Gig" & Nothern came to visit today. "Gig" rode Duke out. They said we were going to the Solomons, and that half the company is leaving Saturday or Sunday. The other half will follow as soon as we get another Ord. company for relief. I knew it would happen sooner or later.

Tues. Nov. 3, 1942

Capt. Wisler brought my money out this morning. The amount was $19.34. He talked quite awhile with me & also told me to hurry up and get well as we are heading for the Solomons in a week or two (which I already knew). Went to the show tonight here at the hospital. The show was "You Can't Cheat an Honest Man" with W.C. Fields & Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthey. I had seen it back in the States 3 or 4 years ago.

Wed. Nov. 4, 1942

Feeling pretty good and Capt. Miller mopped out my throat with 10% silver nitrate. They have broken their two machines here so I can't get my tonsils out. "Sully" & I went over & played some ping-pong at the Recreation Tent. They also have a phonograph & books there.

Thurs. Nov. 5, 1942

Capt. Miller said I could go back to camp in the morning. He mopped it again with silver nitrate. Beat "Sully" in all but 2 games of ping-pong today. Went to the show with "Sully". We saw "I am Alive" with Kent Taylor & Evelyn Hayes. Was about stunt men in Hollywood and was very good picture, despite the name. They also had and Edgar Kennedy comedy.

Fri. Nov. 6, 1942

This morning I said my goodbyes to Sully, Newsome & Syd. I came back to camp with Henefie. "Sully" gave me the address for his brother in Guadalcanal & told me to look him up. I also got his & Newsome's addresses. Charlie Wolff & Tinsdale cameout to get their shots for their veneral disease. The have to take 2 shots on Mon. & one on Fri. A big price to pay for fooling around with diseased women. When I got back to the corral Frank was reading a story in a magazine about a guy whose name was Haslam (believe it or not). Bill has already gone down to base camp & Danny now has charge here. I hear that we might take our horses to the Solomons also. I'd hate to part with good ole Duke now.


This is Harry's War Diary

Things are changing at New Caledonia, with support for the Marines and Navy fighting on Guadalcanal and the re-assignment for the army divisions. The news comes as no surprise for Harry and his Ordinance crew. They try to prepare for the relocation, and they hold onto the hope that their horses will go with them.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

dead ringer

New Caledonia
Oct. 25, 1942

Have another day off & it is still raining. It hasn't let up more than an hour since it started. There is about 4 inches of mud outside. Duke has been working 8 hrs on 8 hrs off for the last 3 or 4 shifts. Most of the other horses have sore backs.

Mon. Oct. 26, 1942

Has been raining continously all day. Rec'd 3 airmail letters at chow, one from Mom dated on Oct. 5, one from sister and one from Marjorie dated on Oct. 13. Boy, that was fast. 13 days. I hear that we are going to get pistols at last. Ben talked to St. Irwin this morning about it. Bill & Bob are shoeing the horses today.

Tues. Oct. 27, 1942

Well, we finally got pistols today. After a little argument with "Danny" I was taken to the hospital again with acute tonsilitis. Danny took me down.

Wed. Oct. 28, 1942

I am in the hosp. and really sick. I had 102 temperature when I came in last night.

Thurs. Oct. 29, 1942

I am still plenty sick. They are bringing my food to me & I have to gargle with hot salt water every two hours.

Fri. Oct. 30, 1942

I am a little better today, although I am not allowed to get up yet. My nurses are Miss Davis, Miss Zinc, Miss Brock and a beautiful blonde nurse (who was on a hosp ship in the Solomons) named Miss Hageland. There is a Marine next to me with tonsilitis also (Parachute Bn.) His name is J.A. Sullivan & he was in the Solmons Battle for 45 days. There were 326 in his btn. when they went & only 112 came back. The rest were killed. They are here getting reinforcements from the States. We also have a fellow from the 112th Calvary in this ward. His name is Wm. Tuck Newsome & a dead-ringer for Bob Burns.

Sat. Oct. 31, 1942

I am feeling much better today. Had my throat mopped out with a gargle solution. I am getting it mopped 3 times a day.


This is Harry's War Diary

The lousy weather continues, and the horses and men have to work in wet mud. And now that they've been issued pistols, will there be another near miss? The color photo is the contents of Harry's footlocker; complete with unopened cigarettes and a box labeled 'quinine' with something powdery inside.

Harry lands in the hospital again with infection and high fever. He takes the opportunity to make new acquaintances with the nurses and fellow patients. The frightening stories from Guadalcanal/Solomon Islands are told in the ward.

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free candy

But...You Promised Candy!
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this must be the place

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