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i wish everyday was CATurday

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this to that

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yup, CATurday

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Storyteller: Baptist

The historical marker for Wilson Creek Primitive Baptist Church is found along Highway 31-41A in Triune, Tennessee. The story of the oldest meeting house in the county, which was founded in 1816. Used for barracks during the Civil War, the pews were carved with Union soliders names and regiments.

I wonder if they still have those pews?

Storyteller is a short series of articles on a collection of historical markers within a few miles of my home. Our next road sign on the highway is for the city of Triune, so please be sure to come again soon!

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Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

American Hardwoods: Hard Maple

Most bowling alleys, bowling pins, and basketball courts are made from Hard Maple because the wood is extremely dense and hard. Hard Maple wood usually refers to the Sugar Maple tree. The familiar red Sugar Maple leaf is featured on the flag of Canada making the leaf shape easy to recognize.

by Native Vermont

Maples are a very important species to the ecology of many forests. Sugar Maples perform what's called hydrolic lift: they draw moisture from deep soil deposits, resulting in water sources in the top soil that benefit nearby trees of all species. Maples are comfortable in a almost any soil condition, and they can flourish under canopy of larger trees. When a gap in the canopy increases the light, a Maple with respond with rapid growth.

The decline of the Sugar Maple can be attributed to pollution. Acid rain and soil acidification are some of the primary contributing factors to maple decline. Also, the increased use of salt over the last several decades on streets and roads for de-icing purposes has decimated the Sugar Maple's role as a "street-front" tree. The Maples role as a species of mature forests has led it to be replaced by more opportunistic species in areas where forests are cut over.

Twirly twigs? no, those are Maple seeds! The fruit is a double samara with two winged seeds, the seeds are globose with wings. The seeds fall from the tree in autumn.

Several interesting legends evolve around the branches of Maple trees:

In order to avoid the eggs of the stork being disturbed by a bat or even being killed whilst still in their shells, according to Alsatian folklore, placing branches of the Maple would ensure protection against the bat. In fact planting a branch of the Maple tree in a house was said to ensure that bats will not dare to enter.

by Brazen Designs

Passing a young child through the branches of this tree has traditionally thought to encourage good health and a long life for the child.

Read more about folklore surrounding Maple syrup at McLure's of New England


by (yours truly) wildwood

Be sure to catch our next article in the American Hardwoods Series on Edge of the Wildwood. We'll be focusing on the distinctive features of Red Oak.

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Wm Morris 1834-1896

"Art is man's expression of his joy in labor"

-William Morris

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here fishy fishy fishy

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CATurday bliss

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an actual person

"I love knowing that an actual person crafted something special just for me"

Just one of 52,824 people who have made a pledge to buy handmade.

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Why would you buy handmade? Because buying handmade will directly support the artist. The one who made it is the one who sells it. When you buy handmade you are recognizing their craftsmanship, you are taking notice of their skills, and you are putting your money on it.

We are actual people. We invite you to consider our handmade goods:)

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Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, July 11, 2010

dang near

Yup, I'm here to report that I got a 'dang near' perfect game in bowling!

I was bowling 2 games for practice before I clocked in for my shift on the Control Counter. There were some regular bowlers on nearby lanes that were encouraging me (and were surprised as I was with every strike). When I realized that my final score was gonna be over 250, I didn't want to believe it and just blanked it outta my mind.

I hit 11 out of 12 possible strikes! yikes

I then proceeded to bowl a typical 156 game, but I couldn't wait to call my husband, Jody and tell him about the 277

Saturday, July 10, 2010

CATurday is fun

Friday, July 09, 2010

Storyteller: cemetary

This historical marker is posted about a mile from my house. It tells the story of a community cemetary that was established in 1861.

Follow the signs in wildwood...our next road sign is Wilson Creek Primitive Baptist Church. 'Storytellers' is a special series from Edge of the Wildwood.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

my Blackberry Summer

A "blackberry summer" is cold and wet. My summer started out that way. We were still using space heaters in April and our area experienced massive flooding in May.

I can see why the blackberrys would respond...the rest of my garden is blooming and growing more than ever.

Things have dried out and heated up, just as expected. The oppressive heat will continue through August with little relief.

The climate hasn't done much for my sunflowers, though.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

by the end of this year

Fri., Jan. 1, 1943

Well, today is the start of a new year here and we hope & pray that this year will bring us victory. As I write this (8:30 A.M.) our planes of all types are flying in battle formation in 7's, 3's and 4's. They sure look wonderful. I don't know whether they are expecting something or not, anyhow they are sure on the alert. It's just like the Japs to try something on a big holiday. Although, there are no holidays for us here.

Tojo has admitted defeat in the Solomons. The communique said he has warned the Japanese people to be prepared for anything. He said "our allies are getting stronger every day and they have not begun to fight us yet".

I hear the Japs in the hills are slowly surrendering, one and two at a time. We are taking them prisoner to encourage the others. Some new B25's (bombers) came in yesterday (10 of them). We are going to shell them from the beach. Shell them with heavy artillery. Bomb them and strape them for 3 days. 24 Hours a day and then we are going to make a big drive. We are determined to have them off the island by Jan. 10. After this big drive, the 164th, 182nd, and 132nd Infantry are leaving. The rumor is still heard that we are leaving by March 8.

I believe this war will be over by this time next year.

Sat., Jan. 2, 1943

Had the same detail today: unloading trucks in the depot around camp. I worked with Beatty today. Pancho, Dryden, Hall and myself played the game of "hearts" practically all day.

I hear the Japs in the hills have concrete pill-boxes now. Sure hope and pray we soon get them out of there.

Heard that the Senate or Congress passed the 14 mo. 'overseas service' and it's now up before the House. We will have 14 months in March, so if it's passed we will go home. I hear Wynn and Nothern have Malaria bad and they are taking them by plane transport to some small island 9 or 10 mi. from Fresno. Maybe that is where we will go too. At least, we all hope so.

Heard that the 135th Inf. is getting wiped out on the front lines. Only 34 men left in one platoon, and 19 in another. Heard also that out of a company of 200 men - 117 of them have Malaria and are going off the island.

Sun., Jan. 3, 1943

We had another sea battle last night (5th) and another big air-raid. This time it was 2 Jap bombers from the Jap Destroyer. I hear that we sank 5 of their 11 ships. We didn't pick up the Jap plane until it was directly above us. There were 5 bombs dropped about 200 yards from my tent before I could get my pants on. And that is all I put on.

I got in the fox-hole with my bare feet in the mud up to my ankles.

The A.A. Fire was just missing him and we had him in the lights good (5 searchlights). Worked up near the front lines today building another depot.

Heard that Russia declared war on Japan. Just a rumor, but I sure hope it's so. Valvatasdok on the coast of Russia is only 650 miles from Japan.


Harry makes an out-of-character statement when he predicts the war would end in one year. He wasn't one to speculate. His entries from one week ago (after Christmas 1942) were filled with hope and good news. Just 3 days into 1943 and he's diving into fox-holes, learns about some fellows with Malaria (bad), and getting more disturbing news about the casualty rate.

It would actually be 2 years and 4 months before this war would end. Harry would serve until July 1944, marry in June 1945, have a son in October 1958 and live the rest of his long, happy life in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

There's more of Harry's War Diary to come...every month we post several days that continue the series.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

never put a depot in the right place

Tues., Dec. 29, 1942

Ellis (Curly) threw a bullet into the fire today (30 Caliber) and it went off and hit him in the stomach.

Wed., Dec. 30, 1942

Twenty of us went up to the front lines to start a new depot one mile behind the lines. We unloaded around 40 truck loads. We heard that we are going to move it across the river tomorrow. Our officers never put a depot in the right place. The boys in the front lines are sure getting fed good. We saw trucks full of good food going up. bread, etc. We had another thunder-storm this evening and Boy, did it thunder and lightning (double bolts).

Thurs., Dec. 31, 1942

Was on air raid guard from 5 to 6 this morning. Worked around camp today, unloading trucks. A Marine Corporal up at the front lines had a watch that he had taken off of a Japanese soldier. It was a beautiful watch that had chimes on it and on the end of the chain it had a wedding ring. A Marine up there told us that he heard over the radio that the Lords of London said the war will be over in 500 hours (21 days). Imagine. Ha Ha.


Looks like Curly's incident was the only item worth mentioning on December 29th. And, as soon as they built a depot at the front lines, they're told it's in the wrong location. That watch with a chime must've been quite a prize to garner so much talk.

Come back to EDGE OF THE WILDWOOD tomorrow for Harry's first diary entry of 1943.

Monday, July 05, 2010

1500 bags of mail

Sat., Dec. 26, 1942

Early this morning there was continuous rifle firing for about an hour. The Infantry is giving the Japs hell now and they are still shelling them from the beach. President Roosevelt is scheduled to make a speech today with some good news for the soldiers & Marines in Guadalcanal. "Maytag Pete" didn't come over last night, believe it or not. It must have been because our planes were up practically all night. Worked in the area this A.M. as usual & am now washing clothes. Two of our fellows went up to the lines today to pick up & blow up "duds". I hear they found over 105 smoke shells that didn't go off.

Dec. 27, 1942
It poured down rain last night. We thought, at first, we were going to have a hurricane. I sure hope & pray that we don't have one while we're here. Worked this morning as usual, cleaning all 30 Caliber ammo & seperating them by year, arsenal, tracer, hull, A.P. etc. We also took all the 30 Caliber machine-gun bullets out of the belts (150 to a belt). We sure have alot of damaged ammo here.

I hear that 1500 bags of mail came in. I sure hope we get at least some of it.

Bob McMann and Mounclin were here this afternoon. I was sure glad to see both of them. Bob is stationed at the Emregency landing field. He is still chief Prop man, and is now a Tech Sargent. He was only a corporal on the boat. While we were sitting down there talking, a Xmas package came in for me from Mother & Dad. Boy, they sure sent me some swell things. A money-belt from Dad, a pouch & pipe from Farris, I think. A pen & pencil set from Mother, a cigarette case (leather), a stationary book, razor blades, foot powder, chewing gum, etc. I was thrilled to death to get them, honest. Also I got some swell pictures of Marjorie, Mom, Dad, Claud & dogs, etc. "Boy" they sure looked good. They tell me they are still taking mail off the boat. One truck alone yesterday made 18 trips.

Mon., Dec. 28, 1942
We cleaned up 30 Caliber machine gun bullets again, seperating them by the arsenal, year, tracers, armor piercing, etc. There was some mail that came in this morning and I got 2 from Mother & Dad dated on Nov. 9 and 24th. Took a shower, shaved and caught a little softball with Kraacks.

This is Harry's War Diary

Our family is proud to share the experiences of Private Haslam during World War II. At this point in the diary; Harry has been on Guadalcanal for about 40 days. The first 30 days were a blur, without regular entries or dates.

Nothing like talking to some old buddies and getting a package from home for lifting morale!Harry's 'giving them hell now' attitude quickly changes in the next few entries that will cover one week of his time on Guadalcanal.

It seems they have a new hostile pilot they call "Maytag Pete". Up until now, they've referred to every lone enemy plane as "Maytag Joe"

Want to read about Harry's ship being torpedoed, how they built horse corrals, or the close calls that came before these entries? You can click on the blue Harry's War Diary link for an automated search and scan the titles for some intriguing stories.

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we declare our independence

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i love CATurday

Friday, July 02, 2010

Welcome to Toad Town

Hop on in...

This charming art sign was created for a toad habitat. A special garden spot has been selected for the woodburned 'TOAD TOWN' sign that helps define the area.

My delightful customer pigstysma had a vision for the sign and she provided me with good solid decisions and direction. I was able to keep her updated on the progress, as alot of these projects can take weeks to complete.

'TOAD TOWN' features a gnarly toad with bright, sharp eyes and craggly mouth. The texture of the toads' skin was well suited for woodburning, and even the smooth soft underside is well represented.

Every toad needs a stump with a hole! And this tree stump has been overgrown with english ivy.

The crisp, colorful grasses that grow along side have attracted a dragonfly; to add interest and detail. A keychain that features the dragonfly was included with the order (at no charge) that allows pigstysma to carry a piece of 'TOAD TOWN' with her all the time.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project - TOAD TOWN is right up my alley:)

Want your very own 'toad'? Here's a few other creations of mine that are related :

handpainted creek rock

handpainted flat rock

pair of handpainted creek rocks

handpainted creek rock

Thursday, July 01, 2010

American Hardwoods: Hickory

Hickory dickory dock
The mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one
The mouse ran down
Hickory dickory dock

The first publication date for the "Hickory, dickory dock" rhyme is 1744. Hickory is a derived from the North American Indian word 'pawcohiccora' which is an oily milk-like liquor that is pressed from pounded hickory nuts. The word `Pohickory'' was contained in a list of Virginia trees published in 1653. The word ' Pohickory' was subsequently shortened to `hickory.'

Dock is a species of plant which has the Latin name of Rumex crispus. A well-known weed which has a long taproot making it difficult to exterminate. The Dock plant can be used as an astringent or tonic

Hickory flowers are small yellow-green catkins produced in spring. They are wind-pollinated and self-incompatible. The fruit is a globose or oval nut, approx. 2" long, enclosed in a four-valved husk which splits open at maturity. The nut shell is thick and bony in most species, it is divided into two halves which split apart when the seed germinates.

United States President Andrew Jackson was known as "Old Hickory" because of his toughness...just like the Hickory tree.
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