Tuesday, March 22, 2011

plants and cats living in harmony

A dear friend recently gave me a big, beautiful orchid for our home, and I was simply fascinated by the unusual blooms. It's a Phalaenopsis with 2 tall blooming shutes and wide, thick leaves. This orchid will thrive in my dining room with indirect, filtered sunlight.

I noticed right away that my cats were equally entranced by the new arrival, and they were already trying to nibble on it . . . this was a cause for concern, since I'd heard that so many houseplants can be poisionous to cats. I ran a quick google search and found this detailed list of toxic and non-toxic plants for cats, dogs and horses.

ASPCA website list of toxic and non-toxic plants

Quite relieved to know that Orchids (in general) are not considered toxic to cats; and now I expect to care for my new orchid for many years to come. After viewing this list, I'm encouraged to add a few more houseplants. For years I thought that I wasn't able to have plants, and that the risk was too high for my feline friends.

Be sure to check out the plants in your home ( I was quite surprised to see aloe on the 'toxic' list) and keep your pets safe and your plants out of reach.

p.s. my cats also tend to nibble on my plastic 'greenery' so I keep a close eye on that behaviour, too:)

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