Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rip Van Wildwood

Whew! Good thing I didn't sleep for twenty years...but I did need a break from blogging. I took some opportunities to work (so I can properly contribute to our household). I took some time for health (I'm recovering now from surgery). And I feel ready to get back into my life and do my best to share with my readers.

I'll still have the occasional "CATurday" post and a few Wordless Wednesdays, and I certainly plan to take on a few more series for my blog that will follow my sweet, old-fashioned style.

The promise of spring is everywhere! The flowering trees and budding plants do alot to lift my spirits high. This examination of plant life reminds me of some botanical studies that I did in woodburning:

You can expect to hear more from me....right here on this blog:)

-Carey Lynn

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