Wednesday, March 30, 2011

runs in the family

I was fortunate enough to be born into a family with a wealth of talent. I was encouraged to explore and develop my interests in art, music and all things creative. This gave me confidence. I take that confidence with me into all areas of my life.

Recently, I was given a painting. It's one of the works of my Aunt Judy who passed away December 2008. Judy was a prolific artist and produced hundreds of medium to large oil paintings. Her favorite subjects were scenery and wildlife but she was extremely confident in her talent and would take on any project. Judy will forever be remembered for her wall mural in the Baker Block Museum, and her family and friends are still great collectors of her work.

Our family is forever touched by Judy's artwork; just knowing that she could create such beauty is an inspiration to us. When I look at the forest scene in this painting I'm filled with pride. Judy painted this piece from a photo taken by a family member when they visited the Great Smoky Mountains. It brings me closer to Judy and her talent to see it displayed in my home.

I'll certainly be sharing other family members with extraordinary talent on my blog - and my readers will truly enjoy our 'wealth'

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