Tuesday, April 19, 2011

how does it know what I like

I recently had a question from a new blog reader: how does it know what I might like?

Took me a minute, but then I realized that they were asking about the LINKED WITHIN feature of my blog that recommends other articles with "You might also like" at the bottom of each post.

These are random articles that I've posted in the past that may or may not have something in common with the current post. It's a great way to quickly find another articles and experience some of my blog.

Each time a reader loads the webpage, LINKED WITHIN presents new selections for them to maybe like:) This feature keeps my older posts active and give the readers some suggestions on more items to view. Sometimes it uses the labels or images to find related stories, and sometimes it comes up with it's own items. For instance, this post has labels "feature" and "Promotion" and all the images are 'screen shots' , there's only one hyperlink (and it's repeated), the word 'like' appears 5 times and is in the title - so, look to the bottom to see how it did.

It doesn't really know what you like - it's just hoping that you will!

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