Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meet The Bag Man

When you walk into a bowling center you want to make a big entrance . . . Sure, your shirt has your name stitched on the back and you got that cool wrist wrap but what's your gear doing for you?

It's time to meet The Bag Man! Glenn Harvey is known around bowling centers as the go-to guy for a tricked out bag. His after-market modifications not only improve the stability and usefulness of the bowling bag, but he can also personalize your package so it's easy to spot in a crowd of look alike gear bags.

Glenn took a few minutes out for an interview so we can learn more about his rebuilt bags:

How did you get started with customizing bowling bags? In 1953, I was traveling to Cincinnati for a tournament and realized that my 2-ball bag was way too heavy to carry. When I got home, I constructed a wooden frame on wheels and my first bag was born. This was years before bowlers were using a handle and wheels on their gear bags. But, I truly started modifying other people's rolling bags in 1985.

In addition to the decoration and personalization, what other improvements can you make? I can replace the axel and wheels for better manuvering; I can add an axel with wheels to the front for stabilization (this makes the rig roll while in a standing position); I can install support to the bottom that carries the weight; I can also inspect/repair handles and zippers.

How many bags do you think you've worked on? It's about 1500

How long does your mod process take? If I'm working on a 3-ball or 4-ball bag it usually takes about 4 days.

Are there any thoughts you like to share with my readers? Well, this does remind me of how I got started with sign painting as a child. A guy asked to me to paint some lettering on his boat, so I got to work and soon another fellow came along and ask how much I charge for that. Well, I didn't know because I'd never done it before.

As one bowler put it----you don't have a bag until you have one of Glenn Harvey's bags!

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