Tuesday, April 12, 2011

nobody told us that we couldn't

I've posted many times about the vast talents of my family members, and as part of the BLOGFIRE carnival I wanted to tie a few of my posts together so you can get a better picture.

My mama is creative in many various handicrafts: cooking, gardening, sewing, painting, photography, and even flower arrangement. She must have been the one who taught me the 'you-can-do-anything-if-you-try" lesson. Mallie has recently tapped into her skill with the needle and produced dozens of aprons. Be sure to read "Mama Said" and watch for future posts about her influenence on my craft.

My younger brother, Mike has developed his talents in music. I remember learning to play the piano at age 10 with Mike watching my fingers closely. He tried to get his hand-eye coordination to allow him play, but maybe he was too young for it. Years later, Mike picked up a guitar and finally found his instrument of choice. Mike is also successful as a sports photograher and handyman. Find "The Stray Crows Flying Blind" article with links to sample his songs.

Another artist that I greatly admired was my Aunt Judy. She didn't shy away from difficult or demanding art projects, and she took compliments with grace. Judy's oil paintings are a timeless testament to her talents. If anyone in my close family could be called an accomplished artist, it would be Judy. My recent article "runs in the family" gives a few examples of her work.

I continue to be inspired by my stepfather, Gary, who has an award winning career as a commercial photographer. Gary excels in teaching others his profession, and he shows genuine interest in all forms of art. His eye for the light that brings an image to life and his intuition for textures has served him well over the years. In "Curse of the Photographers Daughter" article, I share some of my frustrations and Gary's gentle guidance.

And these are only a few of many family members that influence and encourage me in endless ways. My darling husband, Jody is my muse and gives me support in ways that I really can't describe. My chosen craft is woodburning, but Jody honestly believes I can do any creative work.

My BLOGFIRE friends will certainly have great stories about the family members that inspire them. Follow the link and find more warm hearted articles!

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Janet Bocciardi said...

Wow - you do have a creative family! I think mine is more subtle, but they are very supportive! ; )

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