Thursday, April 28, 2011

visit Lynchburg

So many things I enjoy about Lynchburg, Tennessee: the absence of chain stores and strip centers, the friendly nature of it's people, the festivals and visitors from all over the world. Lat time I was there I met a family from Germany, and talked with people from all over the USA. For a gentle step back in time, Lynchburg has it all.

You might want to find a quiet, charming place to stay like Miss Bobo's Bed and Breakfast

Find yourself in need of some supplies? Try the General Store and gift shop

Big building, center of town, been there for 100 can't miss it - the Courthouse!

The Old Jail where many an artifact is held

People are perplexed when they visit Jack Daniel's Distillery and not offered a's a dry county so you can't buy it or drink it there. Surprising as that may be, I feel sure that you'll be able to locate JD by the glass or bottle in a nearby town:)

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