Monday, May 09, 2011

be warned Brood XIX is a biggie

Has it been 13 years? Apparently, the cicadas never miss a 13 year emergence, and 2011 is shaping up to be enourmous! Millions of cicadas will come out of hibernation (and day now) and invade our area. They only live a few weeks, but they are noisy and active during their time with us.

For those who might not have a firsthand experience with cicadas... check out this website for loads of info on the CICADA MANIA

The cicadas massive numbers are part of it's survival strategy, and the loud chirps are calls for mating. About 14 states will see their large black bodies, paper wings, red-orange eyes and bright orange coloring.

Sure they're pesky and sometimes frightening, but they're also a fascinating species! Get your cameras and take some photos, after all it'll be 2024 before they appear again:)

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