Thursday, May 26, 2011

oops I did it again

Back in 2004 I injured the palm of my left hand in an unfortunate cooking accident: I was trying to seperate frozen sausage patties and thought a pointy steak knife might be a useful tool. I was wrong. I knew it was a serious wound when it didn't hurt - I had cut a nerve to my 'pointing' finger. My doctor performed surgery and I slowly healed.

the "Z" shaped scar

Fast forward to 2011, in my workshop I'm working with a metal scraper. A wooden sign I'm working on needed some attention, so I put on vinyl gloves and cranked up the music and off I went. All was well for the most part, although the surface was giving me resistance - oops. One slip of the tool and my left hand took another hit. I actually didn't realize that I'd sliced my hand until a few minutes later when the glove starting feeling wet.

To my great fortune, this wound required only a few stitches. About 2 weeks later and I'm able to have full function of my hand.

Of all the power tools and sharp, hot objects in my workshop that can be a serious safety concern. I should've considered my own actions as the real danger. Take heed:)

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