Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the best is yet to come

I was very fortunate to be able to travel to Pensacola for my nephew's Graduation. My darling husband, Jody couldn't go with me this time, but we love to visit our family in Florida every chance we get!

I had a few days to spend with the family; cookouts and picnics!

Then we all attended the graduation ceremony for Nick. We arrived at a very cool local spot called "Soire" in plenty of time to greet the guests and for Nick to get on his cap and gown. The leader of the East Hill Academy opened the event with some very kind words of encouragment for Nick. The guest speaker was a local attorney that had great stories to tell and impressed all of us with his candor.

Nick was the only graduate of EHA for 2011 so we were able to give him our full attention, and he was very patient with all our picture-taking. As we left, we took a big bunch of ballons and hung it out the window for the ride home (a few popped) - and we saw a group of kids on a scavenger hunt in downtown Pensacola.

I'm so glad I was at Nick's graduaton, and I wish Nick all the success in his career in emergency medicine!

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