Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tough Times: coupons

Are you a clipper? Do you scout out bargains and specials? If you've never taken the time to cut out a grocery coupon and present it at the register.... you're missing out on some big savings.

My local grocer has online coupons that can be loaded to my shoppers card and redeemed at the register - without any paper coupon! I'm so fond of this service that I visit their site regularly and select as many items as possible for e-coupon. I also learned that e-coupons can be used in conjuction with paper (mfg) coupons for the same item.

So, if my store has a reduced price for an item, and I've loaded an e-coupon, with my mfg coupon (which is often doubled) I can see some amazing savings. I recently paid 29 cents for a large bottle of shampoo.

My savings on a $100 weekly grocery trip range from about $15-23 So I plan to continue clipping and loading those discounts, and watching for store specials.

TOUGH TIMES is a revised series that covers simple, money-saving household tips. Edge of the Wildwood is pleased to bring you some TOUGH TIMES - as strange as that sounds:)

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