Monday, July 18, 2011

bloodhound blogger

Like most bloggers, I keep up with which posts get the most attention - and which ones don't. For the most part, my blog gets a steady stream of visits and a hearty number of views.

There is one standout month for my blog: AUGUST 2010

My blog enjoyed 3 times the visitors for that particular month! All records were broken and activity was at an all-time high. The content of my posts were typica: a series on hardwoods, a few funny photos, history and silliness. It wasn't just one post that was getting all the action...every post was well read.

Now, this was the same month that Edge of the Wildwood was rated and listed on BLOGGED and was given the top rated blog in the woodworking/crafts category! Don't think for one minute that BLOGGED is just another directory site - it's so much more. widgets, feeds, friends lists, recommended blogs, and topic tabs. Want some one-click action? you can connect to FB, twitter and start quick chats.

Edge of the Wildwood has been tracking like a bloodhound to find the reason for success in August '10 and I believe the combination of BLOGGED and LinkWithin is the secret. Besides that, I'm a really good blogger.

Are you a devoted blogger? try it!

Apologies if you were searching for blogs on the subject of bloodhounds...try DOGS

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