Thursday, July 14, 2011

my bucket list

When I sit down to list things to do before I die... I realize what a simple, content person I really am. That bit of insight comes into focus when I see that there's very little travel and no daredevil adventures in my bucket. I'm not motivated by big events or tackling some physical challenge - but I so seem to want to make occasions special and to kinda show-off.

If you've ever tried to write a bucket list, you'll see what I mean. Put skydiving on your bucket list and try to imagine yourself jumping out of a plane and pulling a cord for your parachute. Like me, you'll probably take that one off right away.

The great thing about a bucket list is that it changes with you. Mine is a work in progress; here's what I have so far

  • be a Civil War re-enactor for a day

  • design and sew beautiful blouses for hard to fit bodies

  • take a full day guided tour through my hometown

  • camp and fish until I run out of food

  • host an elegant tea party to honor my mother

  • adopt a friendly goat and give it a life of luxury

  • sing a gospel song solo in front of my church

  • be a matchmaker (I've always tried but never worked)

  • collect gravestone rubbings from famous people I admire

  • throw a birthday party for my husband in June (his birthday is in October)

  • write a blog post that gets more than 1000 views in one day

Ok, so that last one I cheated on - the posting is up to me, the viewing is all on you:)

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