Sunday, July 10, 2011

pressed and aged

I made an amazing discovery in our family bible... Our family bible has always been proudly displayed in our Living Room. I dust it off and keep it safe because it represents so much history and hope. One day, as I was handling the enourmous book, I found these pressed flowers between the pages:

Some of the flowers disintegrated when I touched them, but a few were in good shape.

If I wanted to press some flowers, I would probably use a large book that was NOT the family bible. Which made me think that these were likely flowers from a funeral. A wedding bouquet is another possibility, although wedding arrangements are usually of a similar type. The fact that they were pressed in the bible (along with tiny wooden dowels and wires) leads me to believe that they were from a funeral.

There are lots of handwritten notes that log the birthdates and passing of relatives from 1856 to 1899. There are also numerous obituaries that were clipped from the local newspaper. One of these ancestors decided to press the flowers, and it certainly brings perspective to their mourning.

I'm glad they saved the flowers, but for the sake of the bible I removed them. Maybe I'll be able to use the delicate pressings in the future; for now the flowers are tucked away with photos.


kim23 said...

You really made an amazing discovery, Carey Lynn! indeed, a family bible represents history and hope! I also believe that these are funeral flowers. It is much better to use a large book if you want to press some flowers, in my opinion.

Angie said...

I agree, they are probably funeral flowers. They hold an amazing history.

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