Friday, July 15, 2011

Storyteller: Lime Sink

I grew up in a small town in south Georgia called 'Adel' where living is free and easy (or so I remember).

Near the center of town is a pond, surrounded by a cemetary with an old church. We walked around and through this property on a regular basis. It was just a few blocks from our church, and in the same neighborhood as my elementary school.

Even as a child, I was aware of the folklore and stories surrounding this pond. . . it was called the Lime Sink. We believed it to be very dangerous and possibly haunted. This historical marker tells of the bottomless Lime Sink mysterious origins. It's neither lime nor a sink and seems to have no source of water to fill it.

The Lime Sink keeps a steady, clear supply of water and I remember it to be a very quiet and peaceful place.

STORYTELLER is an ongoing series for Edge of the Wildwood that brings you a variety of markers and stories from history.

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