Monday, September 26, 2011

Birding in Tennessee: Eastern Bluebird

What a comeback! Eastern Bluebirds were almost elimated from our state due to a shortage of nesting cavities. But their numbers are increasing, thanks to many wildlife lovers who put up thousands of bluebird boxes. With 2 broods per year, the young of the first brood will help to raise the young of the second.

Sometimes bluebirds seem tame, but they don't often visit feeders in your yard. Finding them in the meadows, you might notice there's not too much concern over your presence. Their main food sources are insects and fruit. Bluebirds tend to perch on a pole or low branch and pounce on insects with an abrupt drop to the ground.

Eastern Bluebirds have similar coloring to robins, however they're much smaller than the robin. Bluebirds can be found year round in Tennessee and they move around in search of food.

Would you like to make a bluebird house? Find some easy to follow plans on Cornell Lab website - and you'll hear those 'chur-lee chur-lee chur-lee' songs in no time!


BIRDING IN TENNESSEE is a series of articles for Edge of the Wildwood. We feature wild birds, and their habitats. Come again soon, and share our love for these incredible woodland creatures.

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