Friday, September 23, 2011

really in touch with my tools

Do I have power to make things happen, just by thinking of it? As I sat at my workbench recently, inspecting my burning tips, I wondered how much longer some of these would last.

As I burn wood, carbon builds up on the tip. The buildup can easily be removed by rubbing the tip on sandpaper. I keep a sheet of sandpaper nearby, and constantly tap or rub the tip to keep it sharp and clean.

Sooner or later the tips wear out. Heat, friction, and pressure cause them to crack or just break off.

So, I'm giving it just a whisp of thought and working along . . . when my burning tip cracks! Did I cause this to happen? Surely not. But it is a strange coincidence. Time to order some replacement tips.

My first experience with a broken burning tip was in 2008 and I was just stubborn enough to try to continue burning - click on the link to see what happened.

Trust me, I have no intention of pushing my luck with an electrical device. My safety record is not good, and no reason to add electricution to my injuries! Broken tips go directly to the dust bin.



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