Monday, November 07, 2011

The Liebster Award goes to

Crafts and Cooking AliciaMae is a hard working blogger and multi skilled crafter. I met AliciaMae through the BlogFire group that she formed and I have great confidence in her abilities. Crafts and Cooking is well written and presented in a professional and friendly way.

Southern as Biscuits Kristi is into art, culture, raising kids, and she's somewhat of a foodie. Lots of posts related to local art events, volunteer duties and mommy time. This is the kind of blog that usually has massive followers - maybe they just haven't found her yet. How does she do it? I dunno, but I sure love SaB blog. Pass the biscuits, please!

Georgia Marbles Georgia from Ohio makes aprons, tutus and quilts! Well, she's just a wiz with a needle - it's a skill that I greatly admire. I sometimes find Georgia in chat rooms, and I've known her on Etsy for a long time. Georgia Marbles blog has wonderful features of other crafters, and she also likes to share her work - yeah, so maybe GM has just over 200 following but I'll make an exception:)

crivens jings and help ma blog Now, for something different. Alistair from Scotland is a brilliant author and a delight to behold. I've been following this eccentric blogger for quite a long time, and he never disappoints. Poetry, holiday trips, and everyday thoughts. He's a genius.

also . . . ME! Yes, I've been awarded the Liebster Blog Award by Breath of the Dragon; a fellow pyrographer from Washington State who loves to blog and follows many.

The Liebster Blog Award (German word for 'favorite') is granted to promising blogs with less than 200 followers - it's a great way to spotlight their talents and share their blogs.

When a Liebster Award is given, the recipent needs to take care of a few rules
to keep the honor going:

#1 Post the Liebster Award image on your blog

#2 Say thank you to the blogger that chose you for their favorites, and give a link back to their blog

#3 List your Top 5 blogs, and leave a comment so those bloggers know they have been selected for the honor

#4 Spread the love and visit some new blogs, and always feel good about your efforts

Edge of the Wildwood would like to recognize the blogs listed above for their quality of content, their original perspective and mostly for the time and devotion in creating liebster blogs!

I'm a follower!

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AliciaMae said...

Thank you! :) I'll have to find some favorites and post them, too

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