Thursday, October 20, 2011

occupy this - buy handmade

badges!!? we don't need no stinkin' badges!

About 3 or 4 years ago there was a very successful online initiative called BUY HANDMADE that called for people to take a pledge to buy handmade products. Crafters and artists embraced the concept and soon badges started appearing everywhere "I took the handmade pledge". Why, you could hardly visit a marketplace or community craft site without finding the catchy green and gray images.

We pledged, we purchased, and we spread our enthusiasm for our niche market.

I don't know how many individuals signed onto the pledge page at BUY HANDMADE, but it was impressive and encouraging. Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? We kinda lost count. But we all felt good about it, and our intentions were honest.

Sorry to tell you this, but the BUY site is no longer in operation. Many crafters are still harboring the (code for) badges/buttons on their blogs, but those widgets are no longer working. Maybe it's temporary, and the "buy handmade pledge" will come back to us?

A quick google search for 'buy handmade' directs you to some thoughtful articles with everything from reasons to buy handmade, to actual articles for sale. There's even a new pledge page on Inspire Handmade.

Maybe it's time for a new grassroots effort to benefit the makers of handmade goods? Occupy handmade! own it. feels it's power. bring it to the people.


Sunfire said...

I recently went back to that site to get the badge, because I'm in a new place online and I wanted to re-ignite that enthusiasm. I did notice that a few days ago, the code for my badge is "broken". Thanks for letting me know the site is actually down for good. I will be sure to remove that useless code now. It was cool while it lasted, though.

Sunfire said...

I should have waited to comment until this new post of mine was done - I picked your blog for the Liebster award. Check it out!

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