Monday, October 17, 2011

Promised Land Trail

When it comes to taking care of visitors, Tennessee treats you right!

A special series of driving trails (some are train rides, too) gives you a chance to explore the scenery and mix with the locals all you can stand:)

Great thing about these trails: do-it-yourself. You make the plans, pack up and you're off! Tour the way you always wanted, and whatever pace suits you.

I'm really impressed with this cool website that lays out the trails for you and lets you download the travel guides TN TRAILS AND BYWAYS

I have just about got my family agreeing to take the Promised Land Trail with me - as long as we visit a battlefield, stop at a winery and take a horse ride. Well, not in that particular order I'd imagine. My blog readers will enjoy some photos and stories from that adventure.

Tennessee has alot to see

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