Tuesday, October 04, 2011

without a guide, I'm lost

I'm often asked if my woodburning is freehand. I explained in my video blog post IS IT FREEHAND? that my work usually calls for precision, and therefore I use tracing and patterns to achieve the detailed work that I love.

These are some examples of my precision woodburning:

But also I look back at a few simple projects that I was able to do without any sort of artwork, drawing, patterns or tracing... the real deal freehand! One such item is the woodburned egg I call GNOME GUIDE

Each element of the gnome character was not planned or practiced (on paper). I simply went with the concept and filled in what I felt would work for a trail guide gnome.

Finding your way through a mountain of toys? need a guide?

This egghead character is a adventurous gnome who knows his terrain! Ready for a hike with a walking stick and trail marker, The Gnome Guide has got a reputation as a big storyteller and can be found puffing his pipe and telling a great tale of how he earned his trackers patch.

His enourmous hiking shoes are well worn out, and his favorite saying is printed on the back of his shirt: FOLLOW ME

A sneaky mouse called Whistle is his constant companion.

Woodburned on a solid (wooden) egg and colored with soft pencils, the delightful details come to life. A rubbed finish of food safe walnut oil will help preserve the decoration.

Easy to ship, and no breakage!

3 1/4" tall


Freehand may not be an effective method on most of my pieces - but it works great for this little guy!

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