Thursday, April 26, 2012

spring cleaning 2012

We are so settled in our little farmhouse, and very happy to be in the country. After trimming and grooming the lawn, I take on the housework like there's no tomorrow. There really is something to this 'house-proud' feeling and I enjoy making our home clean and comfortable.

I started with the closets, and moved out our winter clothes to make room for summer. Then I was able to make good use of a small dresser that my mama gave us.

My best effort has been on the wood floors and rugs. I bought a steam mop and tackled each room. The old wood floors have never looked better - they'll never have a bright shine, but they do have a glowing luster.

Cleaning house is something I really enjoy doing - strange, I know. But it means alot to me.

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Connie Mitan said...

Taking pride in keeping your home looking good is not something to be ashamed of. Your home looks lovely, btw. Thanks for sharing.

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