Sunday, April 22, 2012

who done it?

I just love a good murder mystery. In fact, those seem to be the only kind of books I read. I've been trying to keep my SHELFARI list updated and I think I've listed all my recent reads. There are a few thriller novelists that I prefer, but I'm just as likely to dive into some unknown author if the storyline interests me.

I'm lucky to have connected with other readers with the same taste in lit as myself, and we often trade out our paperbacks to keep the shelf full. One of my traders just handed over 30+ mystery books that I've never read! So, I passed along my dusty collection to my sister and few friends.

We are stocked up with mystery novels of every kind - follow my SHELFARI account to see what I'm reading. Maybe I should start writing some reviews on SHELFARI?

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