Friday, May 11, 2012

a begonia is born

Took on the project of planting a few containers around my yard, starting with some bodacious begonias in a terra cotta planter.

Fibrous Begonia needs about 3-6 hours of sun and daily watering.  Grows about 8 inches tall with blooms throughout the summer

I keep a few small containers on the side porch, and I don't mind watering  them as long as they're not 'hanging'

I moved on to a large iron pot that's partially buried on the southwest corner of the house.  I've been told that probably nothing will grow in an iron pot - but I'm stubborn, so I tried a perennial ground cover plant called Lamium.

The 'easy to grow' statement on the tag was what sold me on Lamium.

Next, I filled the large rectangular planters on the front porch (faces east) with hydragea macrophylla.  This is a good spot for a plant that prefers afternoon shade.  I wanted something showy and bushy that would have blooms that I could cut.

Digging out the dirt in the planters was the hard part, and just as I was finishing the task a big thunderstorm came through that lasted over 2 hours.

I chose all of these plants because they're low maintenance, they're hearty (that's garden-talk for they'll survive just about anything) and they bloom all summer.

Makes me want to grow more!

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