Friday, May 25, 2012

Bowl Yer Brainz Out

My husband, Jody has updated my bowling gear :

 new Cyclone ball with fingertip grips and a custom (2-ball) bag!

My new CYCLONE ball has a burst of orange flame color streaking thru it with subtle purples on the cover stock.  It was drilled for me with fingertip grippers that make for a nice, snug fit.  I bowled 2 games yesterday to try to get a feel for it - but I can see it's gonna take time to master.  My previous ball was drilled with a conventional grip that allows fingers to be inserted farther into the ball.

My new bag is customized with my name on both sides and a large "C" on top.  The wheels are modified for stability and the structure of the compartments is reinforced for duribility.  Special thanks to my good friend Glenn Harvey ("The Bag Man") for all the work  he did on my gear bag.

Be sure to read my article "MEET THE BAG MAN" to learn more about Glenn
and the hundreds of bags he's worked on over the years.

I'm infused with new enthusiam for the sport.  Sometimes working at the bowling alley can dampen your fun when it comes to playing the game - but I think this new gear will bring my game back to life!

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