Sunday, May 13, 2012

flows like a fountain

Mallie and her fountain

In 2008, my family decided to get a fountain for Mama.  She had seen a fountain at the local store and commented that it might be nice to have it in her backyard. 

We like to surprise her - but let me tell you it's hard to!

The store only had one left (the display model) so they gave us a big discount.  My father, Gary used his trailer to deliver it, but Mama kept asking him why was he hooking it up?  What are you bringing through the side yard?  She was getting suspicious!

 It really stressed him out - so he finally had to spill the beans.

Mama was thrilled to see that he was bringing her the exact fountain that she saw in the store - and just at the right time to setup her garden.  I think we were as happy as she was!  Gary got off the hook, and we all get to enjoy it.

Gary, Chris and Nick set it up

We setup the new fountain where she wanted, taking pictures of it and giving our praise for the fountain.  We sat on her porch for hours admiring the fountain lights and enjoying the soft trickle sounds.  It's a great spot to pose for photos, and it has a central location in the garden.

Carey Lynn

The fountain takes alot of maintenance - and Gary is really good at keeping it flowing and glowing!  Seems like there's always cleaning, filling and lights that need to be replaced.

This would be a good time to say thank you to Gary, Mallie and Nick who keep the fountain project going.

Didn't really know what we were getting into, but it sure means alot to Mom.

Recently. my parents decided to update the 'topper'.  The original topper was a large pot, but wasn't exactly a great place for a live plant.  When that piece cracked, they gave the fountain new life with a darling golden angel statue.  It's a nice improvement, and we're so pleased to see that they still enjoy it!

Happy Mother's Day!

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