Thursday, May 10, 2012

more wine, please

My previous post on CHOCOLATE WINE promised a followup - the tasting!  So, here's a quick take on what to expect from this novelty product:

Aroma is strong!  Not a good selection to make if you'd rather not have alcohol on your breath.  Sweet and heavy notes, what you'd expect from cocoa.

Appearance is rich, creamy and solid.  Even on close inspection it still looks like chocolate milk in a wine glass.  What it lacks in elegance it makes up for in novelty.

Taste is better than expected!  At first, I was a bit repulsed by the thick consistency of the product.  But. after a few sips, I found myself rather liking the flavor.

I would recommend this wine for a special occasion, because it would be unique as an event to remember.  It might also work for a romantic evening with decadent food:)   If you are offered Chocolate wine, why not give it try?  You might like.

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