Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my Trail Name is Pokey

Since I'm not able to actually visit the Appalachian Trail right now, I decided a quick stop to their website might feed my cravings for natural surroundings.  I've been very fortunate to have hiked sections of the "AT" when I was in Girl Scouts.   Very pleased to see an article on their front page  about Girl Scouts on the trail - brings back so many wonderful memories.

We hiked, we sang, and we loved every minute of it.

The old trail songs we belched out at the top of our lungs are still fresh in my memory after 40 years.  I wonder if the girls from Troop 36 still remember these songs?  Well, I'm sure that my sister remembers them, because we've compared notes.  Every time we went hiking or camping with Girl Scouts we'd learn dozens of new songs.  I hope that tradition is still alive in the scouting experience.

I should tell my readers that I went thru a hat phase in my childhood, and would mostly wear my favorite 'badge' hat. It was a denim floppy hat with big panels that I had emblazoned with embroidery patches.  That hat was lost long ago.   I still indulge in hat-wearing as an adult - it's just not an every day event.
back row - 2nd from left

Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to return to the "AT" and bellow out some tunes.  I'll even retain my old trail name "Pokey".  See you on the trail?

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