Tuesday, May 08, 2012

scooter mania

Can you get 120 MPG??? yuppers.

My sister, Kelly and my father, Gary want you to know that scooterin' is good fun.  They found matching scooters at a reasonable price...Kelly got the powder blue (calls it "Bennie and the Jets")  Gary got the candy red one (named it "Rocket Man")

Truth is we can't get them off the scooter now!  Got a top speed of about 45 mph and loads of backroads to travel and explore.  Gary loves to take 'Rocket' the 2 miles to work.  Kelly takes 'Bennie' out for errands and sightseeing.

Note:  you cannot carry a 24 pack of toilet paper on yer scooter

Kelly's favorite part of scooterin' is having people wave at you - feels like a celebrity!

Gary's favorite part of scooterin' is passing by all those gas stations!

Scooters is fun LOL

I'm sure to have more scooter mania stories to pass along . . . watch for motorcycles

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