Thursday, May 31, 2012

slow roasted

We have a new favorite way to cook meats:  

rotisserie cooker!

It's a brand called SHOWTIME

This cooker was a gift from our family, and we use it quite often.  It took a few attempts to figure out the best way to mount the piece of meat, but once it's firmly in place the cooking doesn't take long at all.  According to the chart, it's actually faster to roast in this oven than it is in my conventional oven.

We expected the rotisserie to take longer;  and there is a way to continue the rotation without the heat.  We can also leave the heat on and stop the rotation (to sear the meat).

So far, our favorite meat to roast is chicken.  The meat we can't get good results with is beef (doesn't cook to 'medium' only rare)  I think my next attempt will be ham - picnic shoulder!  We haven't found any cut of meat too large to fit in the roaster - but I'm sure such a thing does exsist.  I also haven't tried any fish yet but I feel like this would be a great way to roast a large fillet.

Cleaning this cooker is also much easier than I expected.  It's got a heavy coating of non-stick and most of the juices stay in the meat.  The interior has parts that are easy to remove and wash.

The aroma coming off this rotisserie is heavenly! 

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