Thursday, June 07, 2012

sleeping with a unicorn

My mother, Mallie made this embroidery unicorn for me in 1980.  She's very handy with needlework and we loved to get kits for embroidery or needlepoint and share her craft.  Mama took on a big challenge when she selected this extra large piece - it's 20x20"

The relaxed pose of the unicorn and the delightful greenry woven into the scene make for a dreamy, mystical subject.   The impressive size of the frame, and the soft, subtle shading make it perfect for a bedroom.

I can gaze at the resting unicorn while I drift off into a dream world.  I've had this unicorn hanging on my walls ever since she gave it to me (over 30 years) - and it's a sweet reminder of my sixteenth birthday. 

Someday I'll take it from the frame and clean it.  It would make a lovely pillow!

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