Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Odd Gift

There's always one gift that strikes a peculiar chord.  Sometimes the item is result of a well thought out plan.  Maybe it's a gesture that serves some great purpose.   Many times the sentiment behind the gift is one of a message between them.  But it can also be a silly, inside joke that continues the good times we done just had:)

Odd gift, you say?  This object is some kind of self-defense aid, and I was delighted (my safety was at stake!) and at the same time I was horrified (will I have to use that?).  

My new stabber should probably come with a video Shanking For Beginners.  Or at least some warning stickers.  This odd gift falls into the weird but not wild category.

A few odd gifts from the past:

4 pack 100 watt light bulbs - they're gonna stop making those, you know

a used bible - it's a family bible, just not our family LOL

Extra large grey felt STETSON - I never grew into that hat

bird bath  - you had to be there for this one

I could probably come up with many more truly odd gifts - if you have a good one, post a comment. 

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