Sunday, May 26, 2013

hurry up and stop

It's only 11.6 miles from my house to work.  On the same road, no turns. Takes about 25 minutes...wait. what?  Yup, it takes more than 20 minutes because there are 6 different speed limits posted in that 11 mile stretch!
driving LIKE A SIR

If you count the school zone, it's actually 7

I can drive this route on auto-pilot, but must pay close attention to the speed signs.  Ranges from 55 to 15 - and the scenery is beautifully distracting

Then there's the traffic lights: 12 of them
So even if I was lucky enough to build up speed, I'd surely be caught by a light.

I would never complain. Just making an observation:)

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Joe said...

Hi, I just stopped by after stumbling upon your blog. Pretty good blog.

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