Thursday, April 24, 2014

clever rock thinks he's a snake

Mostly my crafts and creations are sent out into the far far lands of wildwood, and I never really know how they might be enjoyed.  Other times, my customer might share a story or give me some background on their selection.

This is one of those cases where I know exactly what my customer has in mind:

Two creek rocks handpainted to represent a poisonous coral snake and a harmless king snake are used for a VENOMOUS SNAKES OF THE REGION display in the Eaton Hill Nature Center.  The bright bands of color glimmer and shine like the scales of a snake, and visitors can use the rocks as a teaching tool in the Nature Centers exhibit.

As a simple crafter, with conventional talents, this fulfills my mission.  To bring about a wonderful connection to nature and express an outsider art form.  To have these snake rocks appreciated and utilized in such a direct way is the ultimate win for me.

I hope the visitors to Eaton Hill Nature Center will turn over a rock or two - because there's a message for them on the bottom of these fellows!

Someday I will make it to Sonora, Texas and spend some quality time with nature:)

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