Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why Men Don't Want Monograms

The popularity of monograms is nothing short of a firestorm in my circle of friends.  We can't get enough of the stylized, versatile tagging of our possessions!  The bright colors and the unusual placement of the logo-like symbol are a big part of the appeal of monograms.  The possibilities are endless.

I found that when you want to monogram everything, you assume everyone must want to follow this trend...  not so fast.  Men don't want it.  They bristle at the thought of flashing a monogram as if you asked them to wear panties!  A few exceptions were noted in the 'research' for this article:  men are probably ok with monogram on their toolbox.

Interesting that the monogram fashion was embraced by men in the past.  Shirt cuffs and collars were often customized with initials as a practical way to get your dress shirts back from the cleaners.  A small embroidery of 2 or 3 letters in a simple yet distinctive design of the characters was typical.

Do men see this as snobby or pretentious? yes.  Would they monogram if it were subtle or in a hidden place? no, it defeats the purpose of screaming for attention. Even if the average man embraced the flourished, elaborate designs and bright colors, the flamboyant nature of monograms is it's downfall.

So when did men fall out of love with monograms? Probably about the same time that women fell in head first. Maybe we overdid it (we often do).  But, we are not done yet...

My latest acquisition is a large, silver vinyl 'grammie' for my SUV, provided by InitialIt4Me on etsy.  For less than $10 I go this beautiful, custom embellishment delivered.  Placement, is of course, everything (ha) so I elected to use the drivers side third window. Since my Edge of the Wildwood vinyl sticker is on the rear window/top in a shiny silver, I wanted to match it in color.

It's so nice to be able to spot my Mariner in a parking lot, and it makes me smile to have my lovely logo so proudly displayed.  Men may regard it as juvenile and over-the-top, but I adore it.

More to consider:  chevron or polka dots?  That's a whole other can of worms!

Saturday, August 09, 2014


Like a massive zombie apocalypse, the zumba dancers are coming! Now that I've started zumbing, it's impossible to stop (unless I'm injured).  Other zumbers are zumbing and the soundtrack is so cool, just mindlessly follow the steps and zumbe along!

I can tell when we've all zumbed enough, because we sweat alot and breathe hard. Also, our feet are fully zumb and heavy.  And our water bottles are empty.

The dancing fitness program is actually called ZUMBA, and it means 'work hard' and we do.  The hot dance beats get stuck in your head for days.  Our instructors are peppy and adorabz.

After taking Zumba classes for a year, I'm fully hooked on it. Great dance moves and calorie-burning cardio workout.  Every size and shape can join in, and our group has a wide range of age, too.  Some Zumba classes are designed for younger dancers,  or mature dancers.  But most groups will accommodate anyone that wants to try.

Your 1st class might seem awkward and nearly impossible to finish, but take a back row place and watch the instructor as much as you can.  Practice your steps, and next time it will be much easier.

I was lucky enough to take Step Aerobics classes for years, and I took alot of Jazzercise, too.  So it didn't take as much brain power for me to learn new choreography and foot work.  Maybe you have some experience with cheerleading, dance or floor aerobics?  It will make Zumba a snap to catch on.  

I hope to share more of my fitness life with the good folks that visit my blog, it's a big part of my day-to-day and a positive message that I like to put out there:)


Saturday, August 02, 2014

Pressing Wildflowers is Wonderful

Welcome to the sunny August days and the warm summer nights!  Are you a blogger, too? Join in the month long celebration of creation going on at 'August heART' (Click on the logo > > >

In case you didn't already know how simple and delightful dried flowers can be, let's share a quickie project!

1. Collect some flowers.
2. Spread flowers on a sheet of waxed paper
3. Cover with another sheet of waxed paper
4. Cover with paper towel
5. Iron them on a medium setting and take your time

How easy is that?

I love sharing these hydrangea blooms in the August heART blog party!!!

You just pressed some wildflowers.


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