Saturday, August 09, 2014


Like a massive zombie apocalypse, the zumba dancers are coming! Now that I've started zumbing, it's impossible to stop (unless I'm injured).  Other zumbers are zumbing and the soundtrack is so cool, just mindlessly follow the steps and zumbe along!

I can tell when we've all zumbed enough, because we sweat alot and breathe hard. Also, our feet are fully zumb and heavy.  And our water bottles are empty.

The dancing fitness program is actually called ZUMBA, and it means 'work hard' and we do.  The hot dance beats get stuck in your head for days.  Our instructors are peppy and adorabz.

After taking Zumba classes for a year, I'm fully hooked on it. Great dance moves and calorie-burning cardio workout.  Every size and shape can join in, and our group has a wide range of age, too.  Some Zumba classes are designed for younger dancers,  or mature dancers.  But most groups will accommodate anyone that wants to try.

Your 1st class might seem awkward and nearly impossible to finish, but take a back row place and watch the instructor as much as you can.  Practice your steps, and next time it will be much easier.

I was lucky enough to take Step Aerobics classes for years, and I took alot of Jazzercise, too.  So it didn't take as much brain power for me to learn new choreography and foot work.  Maybe you have some experience with cheerleading, dance or floor aerobics?  It will make Zumba a snap to catch on.  

I hope to share more of my fitness life with the good folks that visit my blog, it's a big part of my day-to-day and a positive message that I like to put out there:)


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