Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We put the H in Haslam

Today is a very important day for my husband and me.  It was 30 years ago that we took our vows, and we have enjoyed a great marriage for all that time.  Sometimes, we look at each other and say "we've got it good" and usually followed by a kiss or warm hug.

Yeah, I know it's mushy and we're a couple of sentimental souls.  But we truly love each other and find a level of devotion that means everything to us.  

Whenever there is an occasion to give each other greeting cards, we go for the sweet sentiments that hit the right note - and I have a darling card to give Jody that expresses my admiration for him.

Gift giving is something that we keep simple and thoughtful.  I wanted to find a gift for Jody that would represent the importance of our life together (tall order!)  After a few failed attempts at crafting something framed with dates or photos etc I came across a wonderful idea:

I had Screaming Horse Ironworks create a large metal "H"  to symbolize our anniversary.  One of the most meaningful things that Jody gave me 30 years ago was my name! Haslam.  And although we have a few items of jewelry and other notions here and there that honor the H, I felt this was a bold statement.

I demonstrates my pride in having my husbands name and I hope to always bring honor to it.  If he loves it (and I think he will)  I want to hang it in our living room where we can admire it for another 30 years.

Special thanks to Screaming Horse Ironworks for it's fulfillment of this custom item.  It may be small, but it be powerful.

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